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Our mission is to provide investors with actionable insights into financial markets to help them both protect and increase their capital in volatile markets.

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We have built a loyal following and are a reliable source of knowledge for both inexperienced and seasoned investors.

Our editorial team also offers exclusive interviews with leading private investors alongside timely reviews of investment patterns.

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You will increase your knowledge by visiting EveryInvestor on a regular basis, whether you are a total beginner or a seasoned investor.

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Mark Patterson

Investments Expert

Mark has spent most of his life growing his investment portfolio, and over the years, he gathered a vast knowledge.

That’s why he decided it was time to share that knowledge with the world and help people become successful investors.

About Us

Monique Pittman

Pensions Expert

Monique is our resident pensions expert. Many people postpone planning out their pension, thinking that is something they’ll have to worry much later in life. 

Monique knows how important it is to start planning your pension early, and she wants you to know it too!

About Us

Taylor Holt

Estate Planning Expert

Taylor is our resident Estate Planning expert. He knows that everything revolving around wills or funeral planning can be a sensitive subject that people don’t like to discuss. 

Taylor makes it his mission to spread awareness about estate planning, and we believe EveryInvestor is the best platform to do that.

About Us

Jason Stubbs

Equity Release Expert

Jason is our resident equity release expert. He is passionate about spreading awareness about it, and he loves how flexible and equity release can be, it can truly be the answer for everything.

Need a lump sum? You can with equity release. Need funds to move abroad? You can with equity release. Have a question about equity release? Ask Jason!

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Lisa Schilling

Insurance Expert

Lisa is our resident insurance expert. She knows how important it is to be ready for any scenario, especially when a family member is involved. Nobody likes being found unprepared in a tough situation!

Lisa can find the best insurance to cover your every need, present and future.

About Us

Doyle Edwards

Mortgages Expert

Doyle is our resident Mortgages expert. He comes from a long line of financial gurus, and it truly shows. 

Despite his young age, there is no question he cannot answer when it comes to mortgages, and his ability to see outside of the box to find the best mortgage deals is truly impressive.

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