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what is ship

What Is SHIP?

Are you considering equity release but not sure if it’s safe?  Did you know there is a council dedicated to looking after YOU, the consumer? The SHIP code of conduct

Equity Release Pitfalls

Equity Release Pitfalls

A record £4.8billion in released equity helped over 76,000 customers ease their financial burdens in 2021.  Could you be next? Before deciding whether it’s the right move for you, read

laying out all the equity release facts

Laying Out All The Equity Release Facts

Knowing these equity release facts can help you avoid being taken in by fiction! Every year, an increasing number of homeowners over the age of 55 use equity release to

Lifetime Mortgage Interest Rates

Lifetime Mortgage Interest Rates

Lifetime Mortgage Rates The time to act is now!  Lifetime mortgage rates are currently really low compared to the past few years but are slowly climbing. Don’t miss this opportunity

Equity Release Uses

10 Equity Release Uses

We all daydream about what we’d do if we suddenly had a large sum of money to spend as we desire. You may be dreaming of improving your home by

reverse mortgage calculator (1)

Reverse Mortgage Calculator

Reverse Mortgage Calculator Don’t waste more time!  Use our accurate reverse mortgage calculator today and find out how much cash your property could contribute towards your retirement. The sooner you

What's the ERC & What Do They Do

Who Are the Equity Release Council (ERC)?

The Equity Release Council is a non-profit organisation that was founded in 1991 to monitor the equity release sector, Assuring a high level of goods and the safety of homeowners

income mortgage calculator

Income Mortgage Calculator

You might be considering entering the mortgage market for the first time, purchasing a different property, or remortgaging to a new provider? Whatever the reason might be, you’ll need to